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Department of Psychiatry, OvG University Magdeburg:
Bernhard Bogerts, MD, Chair
Johann Steiner, MD, Attending
Martin Walter, MD, Resident

Currently, in collaboration with J. Steiner, MD, we are joining our multimodal imaging approach with serum analyses as well as in the future with genetic analyses in order to identify the contribution of hereditary factors and different metabolic abnormalities that have been identified in schizophrenia.
In collaboration with M. Walter, MD, we apply advanced resting state fMRI analyses and high-field MRI (7T) in psychiatric patients.

Department of Neurology, OvG University Magdeburg:
Guido Behlau, Engineer
Emrah Düzel, MD
Martin Kanowski, PhD, Physicist
Jörn Kaufmann, PhD, Physicist
Nina Noennig, Engineer
Claus Tempelmann, PhD, Physicist

Department of Neuropsychology, OvG University Magdeburg:
Robert Kopyciok, MSc, Psychologist
Ulrike Krämer, PhD, Psychologist
Thomas F. Münte, MD, Chair

Forensic State Institution Saxony-Anhalt, Uchtspringe
Joachim G. Witzel, MD
Udo Gubka, MD

In cooperation with J. Witzel, MD, and U. Gubka, MD, (Forensic State Hospital), ( as well as T. F. Münte, MD, R. Kopyciok, MSc, and U. Krämer, PhD, (Dept. of Neuropsychology), we are examining the neuronal underpinnings of aggression in incarcerated psychopaths.

Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics
Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego
Glenn R. Ierley, PhD